Floor Systems with Engineered Wood Products

Lake Country Truss Ltd. carries a complete line of high-quality Pinkwood engineered I joists (floor joists) and LVL (laminated veneer lumber) for various types of construction. We also supply hangers and custom connections for your building projects

I Joists are engineered to be stiffer and straighter and offer more consistent performance than solid sawn lumber joists.  They are less likely to shrink, split, twist, warp or crown; This results in solid and uniform floors and ceilings.

Every flange is proof tested to ensure quality and strength. The webs are made of strong, stable oriented strand board, and allow plumbing and wiring to pass through without extra framing. Floors and ceilings can be designed with fewer pieces since pound for pound I joists have more load-bearing capacity than dimensional lumber, which saves installation and material costs.

LVL is a great improvement over solid wood beams. Twisting, splitting, checking, crowning, and warping is reduced with LVL.   We also supply LVL studs for all your framing needs. Pound for pound, LVL has more load-carrying capacity than solid sawn lumber. The result is that LVL is a building material that is more reliable, high-performing and useable than traditional lumber.

For naturally occurring defects to not affect the beam’s performance, laminated veneer lumber is made from ultrasonically and visually graded veneers arranged in a specific pattern. The veneers are bonded together under pressure and heat using waterproof adhesives, which makes LVL beams extremely strong, solid and straight. They are excellent for most primary load-carrying beam applications. LVL is available in longer and thicker lengths than solid sawn wood, and it does not require old-growth trees.

With our top of the line cutting systems, cost efficiencies and streamlined production, we will bring you the best possible product at a competitive price.