High-quality Truss Systems

Lake Country Truss Ltd. manufactures high-quality roof and floor trusses for various types of construction. Our experience is unsurpassed in all aspects of truss engineering and design. We provide a custom made product manufactured to your specifications. Using state-of-the-art computer software, our highly skilled truss designers provide a truss package that meets or exceeds all building code requirements. Both preliminary engineering for the permit process, as well as shop drawings for the review process to evaluate truss application, are provided.

Lake Country Truss Ltd. receives weekly internal in-plant quality inspections and bi-annual external quality audits. We strive to consistently receive high ratings for truss construction quality and integrity from the Western Wood Truss Association of BC.

Your building deadlines are a top priority at Lake Country Truss Ltd. We understand the need for on-time delivery and work with you to ensure that you receive your product when you need it.

With our top of the line cutting systems, cost efficiencies and streamlined production, we bring you the best possible product at a competitive price.

Our specialized equipment for manufacturing quality trusses:

The Hundegger is the fastest single blade saw on the market. It effectively handles any size wood, including engineered wood products. Fully automated and requiring only a single operator, the Hundegger minimizes waste and cutting time.

Our Pacific Automation Roller Gantry System, along with our Virtek Laser Projection System, allows a safe platform for truss manufacturing. The assembly process is efficient and highly productive due to this top of the line system. Whether your requirements are big or small, be assured that Lake Country Truss Ltd. is committed to delivering outstanding customer service, superior quality products, and timely delivery throughout your project.